Kuoni Tumlare Partners with HotelMap

Kuoni Tumlare Partners with HotelMap

When the giant of the congress circuit Kuoni Tumlare teamed up with the state-of-the-art accommodation booking innovations developed by HotelMap, a partnership of the future was made.

Experience Meets Technology

Between the industry-leading experience and know-how of Kuoni Tumlare and the technological power of HotelMap, the perfect solution for congress large group accommodation has been found — from group contracting on the hotel side to allowing clients to fine-tune their bookings through customizable booking portals — both the requirements of entire delegations numbering in the thousands and the individual needs of each attendee can be met seamlessly through the same platform.

“Event hotel booking was overlooked by the amazing digital transformations that we have seen in our lives over the past few decades. The pandemic has given us all the opportunity to rethink and restart, and this new partnership with HotelMap is going to deliver some very important, exciting and much-needed transformation to the entire event and group hotel booking sector.” - Marco Russi COO at Kuoni Tumlare

An Industry Game Changer

"HotelMap is a game changer in our industry in terms of technology and innovation!" - Hana Peregrinova, Head of Congress Operations, Kuoni Tumlare.

But all these technical solutions and automatizations wouldn’t be so powerful, without the passionate team at Kuoni Tumlare. Only the understanding of the clients’ needs and the close cooperation and partnership with their client, is the true game changer in Housing Management of large events

Over the past three decades, Kuoni Tumlare has acquired a wealth of knowledge in destination management — finding the best deals, the most suitable locations, hand-picking unique accommodation solutions for their clients.

Flexible and Customizable

The cooperation from Kuoni Tumlare with HotelMap is combining the best of both worlds. The expertise of the destination, negotiation power and hotel contracts based on the clients profile combined with the technology of HotelMap with the possibility to source from thousands of hotel rooms throughout the city to make it available additionally in one sophisticated platform. From accessibility options and optimal locations to the importance of keeping within strict budgets, Kuoni Tumlare can secure exclusive discounts, rate guarantees, and exclusive deals as official accommodation providers.

Saving Individual Delegates Time and Money

One of the many unique HotelMap features is the live discount calculator. Contracted event rates (room blocks and dynamic delegate rates) are constantly analysed live against like-for-like rates from the hotel directly and against all the popular online travel brands. One trend that also needed a solution is the fact that event attendees increasingly book their hotel closer to the event date than they used to. Kuoni Tumlare will provide last room availability at hotels throughout town so that when the event-negotiated room blocks expire, it can seamlessly keep selling these hotels from HotelMap Rates and expand the hotel coverage as required.

Global Scale

As one of the world’s leading professional congress and meetings organisers, Kuoni Tumlare has 1,200+ experts in 33 countries worldwide, organising a vast number of international congresses, events, and meetings each year. By partnering with HotelMap, which has over 1 million places to stay on the platform, Kuoni Tumlare can cover all venues worldwide and provide a seamless hotel booking experience for every event, no matter how big or small.

There is also a need to provide a modern, personalized user experience, which includes always speaking to the user in their own language or familiar currency. The HotelMap platform addresses this by automatically adapting to the user’s own preferences.

Scope and Sustainability

The scope of this partnership is truly global. Events can be facilitated across the entire planet —from the bustling metropolises of Europe to some of the most obscure locations in the world and with sustainability as one of both Kuoni Tumlare and HotelMap’s core principles, they are proud to provide key information about the ecological benefits of all the hotels available.

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